Sick Room Cleanup / Sick House Disinfection & Sanitation Services in Florida

Hazmat Cleanup technicians have received proper training and education on sick room cleaning and disinfecting protocols and follow all OSHA guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.  We utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) at every service call (such as masks, gloves, hazmat suits, etc) while cleaning in rooms or homes where surfaces may be contaminated with infectious microorganisms.  Hazmat Cleanup is licensed and registered by the Department of Health and utilize Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved, hospital grade cleaning and disinfectant products on all horizontal surfaces and other surfaces in the room that may potentially be contaminated by

infectious germs or bio-hazardous pathogens.

Hiring An Expert Company To Disinfect Your Home In Florida

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Decontamination and cleaning of rooms in homes, apartments or office buildings include the following:

  • All high-touch areas in the affected room including tabletops, light switches, door and cabinet handles, etc.
  • Bathroom surfaces including toilets, sinks and counter tops, sink fixtures and all shower surfaces.
  • Top, front and sides of the bed's headboard, mattress, bed frame, foot board, side rails and between side rails.
  • Walls and floors are cleaned and disinfected.
  • ​Foggers are used throughout the entire property to ensure thorough decontamination.

Many Contagious germs and microorganisms survive in the environment for prolonged periods, some for years.  Whether it is a case of C-Diff, MRSA, H1N1, Influenza or if you've been quarantined for Covid-19 (coronavirus), many viruses and bacteria are resistant to household cleaners and disinfectants and traditional household cleaners may not be enough to defeat them.  Even if surfaces like faucets and sinks appear clean, viruses and bacteria can be incredibly resistant to basic cleaning chemicals and sanitizers and remain highly contagious.  Our hospital grade disinfectant chemicals and state of the art equipment decontaminate any situation with proven results.  It is extremely important that in any cleaning / disinfection process that the correct methods and chemicals are used.

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Disinfecting Communicable Diseases & Cleaning Your Property Professionally

When you or a loved one is sick, you get treatment for the illness, but what do you do if your home is also affected?  To secure the rest of your home and others who life and visit, it should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a professional bio-hazard service like Hazmat Cleanup.

Environmental cleaning and disinfection of room where people have been is is essential.  The purpose of the cleaning and sanitizing process is to remove any potential virus or bacterial contamination from environmental surfaces to prevent the transmission of micro-organisms to others and back to the ill person.  In the case of a hospitalization and subsequent return to the home it is imperative that this is done.