How much Does Fingerprint Dust / Dye Cleanup Cost?

In most cases homeowner's insurance will cover the cost of remediating a crime site that a CSI team has spread dust or dye throughout, along with the cost of any biohazard remediation such as blood or bodily fluid cleanup, carpet replacement, painting and more.  We handle the insurance company for you and bill them directly for all of our restoration services.

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Fingerprint dust Cleanup Services in Polk County

When a crime is committed at a home or business, law enforcement sends in a team of crime scene investigators to collect as much forensic evidence as possible.  CSI technicians will, in most cases, use fingerprint dust for burglary investigations or home invasions.  The aftermath of fingerprint dust can be devastating to a property.  Fingerprint powder tends to absorb into drywall, cabinets, etc.  When the police complete their investigation it is left up to the homeowner to handle get the crime scene cleaned up.

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Is Forensic Fingerprint Dust Dangerous?

The carbon black ingredient in fingerprint dust is regularly used by crime scene detectives.  Breathing in this chemical can irritate the respiratory system.  Carbon black is listed by the IARC as a possible carcinogen.  Our crime scene cleanup technicians are extremely efficient at removing all traces of fingerprint powder using top of the line, hospital grade air purification machines to ensure that your property has been restored to a safe environment to return to.

Fingerprint Dye & Ink Cleanup Services

In the event that a more serious crime occurs such as a homicide or murder, forensic investigators will usually use fingerprint dye or ink in an effort to collect as much forensic evidence as possible.  This usually appears as a dried, blue liquid that stains everything that it comes into contact with.  

We have decades of experience cleaning fingerprint ink from crime scenes as well as disinfecting and removing any and all traces of bio-hazardous waste from properties in Polk County.


Every one of our crime scene clean-up specialists strive to help our clients begin the healing process by fully restoring their home to its original condition or better.  We are local in Polk County and please feel free to call us at any time with any questions or if you would like a written quote for service.  (352) 300-8860

Are you the victim of a home invasion or a burglary at a business?  

Law enforcement works diligently to collect as much evidence at a crime scene as possible.  Unfortunately, the home or business owner is usually left to cleanup the forensic mess left behind themselves. They may also be faced with potential bio-hazards such as blood or other hazards.  We have been remediating crime scenes for over 20 years and service the entire state of Florida 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our crime scene cleanup specialists are able to respond within one to three hours of your initial call, fully prepared to begin crime scene restoration immediately.

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