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Our teams are equipped with the most efficient gear available to combat Covid-19.  We utilize top of the line fogger machines, virucidal chemicals confirmed to eradicate the coronavirus, and ozone generators for air sanitation.  We are on a mission to do all that we can to assist in putting an end to this nasty virus and helping people who have been affected by it.  We have decontaminated hundreds of buildings, offices and homes since this pandemic began. Rest assured that our specialists will return your Naples Property  to a safe environment.  

Covid-19 decontamination procedures

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Quotes will vary according to certain factors, such as square footage and the amount of contents in the property. 

Call anytime to get your free estimate for commercial or residential properties in Naples, and you will quickly be provided with a written estimate. We are able to provide same day service within one to three hours of your call.

Covid-19 has unfortunately arrived in Florida recently and has been wreaking havoc in Naples.  In response to this crisis, Hazmat Cleanup has mobilized many teams throughout the state of Florida to assist in putting this pandemic to an end.  We have positioned highly trained decontamination specialists strategically so that our response time is within 1-3 hours of the initial call for disinfection.  We service commercial buildings and residential homes whether it's a confirmed case of coronavirus or precautionary / preventative.

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Confident that their home is safe from coronavirus in Naples, FL

Whether we're treating a confirmed case of coronavirus or just precautionary, our technicians must always be dressed in full hazmat suits, gloves and respirators.  We take safety very seriously at any potentially infectious establishment.  First, a high powered fogger machine is used throughout the interior that covers the building in a fine mist of virucidal chemical.  This ensures all areas have been treated.  Next, our technicians go around the entire building spraying and wiping anything that may have been touched such as furniture, walls, door knobs, counter tops, bathrooms, cabinets, etc.

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