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Coping With The Death Of a Loved One

Helpful Resources For Handling Death in the Family

The Toltecs say that the Angel of Death always walks with you, behind your left shoulder. She is the most powerful guide to a joyful and creative life on the Toltec path. She is there to remind the warrior that everything in life is temporary. In the Toltec tradition, the Angel of Death is the source of all your possessions. She owns everything that you have—your car, your home, job, relationships, money, youth, even your body and life itself.

Even though the Angel of Death is a powerful and precious guide to the Toltec Warrior, she is also the most feared. The Angel of Death has lent you everything you possess, and when she is ready, she will ask for it back. For the common man, death represents the ultimate loss of these closely held identities, and thus the ultimate fear—annihilation. The spiritual warrior knows that the Angel is always there, and he cannot control when she will take something from him.

The spiritual warrior lives in gratitude for everything the Angel has lent him, rather than in fear of losing it. The biggest surrender on the Toltec path is letting go of the illusion that you own or can control any of your possessions-- including your life. The Angel of Death is always with you, inviting you to live in the present, to love freely, to live the life you want to live. She reminds you that this life is temporary, and you will die—it could be this moment or any time. You can be ready by surrendering to her what is already hers, and live in absolute gratitude for her abundant generosity.

That is the life of the Toltec warrior. That is personal freedom. When the warrior embraces the Angel of Death in complete surrender and gratitude, she becomes the Angel of Life. When you surrender to her, you are free to live your life to the fullest expression of who your are. The Angel of Life becomes your guide to Life, in all of its abundance and wonder.

The Angel of Death Rocks!! She is the Angel of Life! Surrender the illusion that you own or can control the possessions and outcomes of your life, and join the Angel of Life as a Joydancer ~ dancing in joy with life!

 Dealing with death whether you know it's going to happen or not is never easy. Sometimes you are faced with a loved one passing of a terminal illness and part of you is a little relieved for that person that they are no longer suffering although still deeply saddened. 
  Then there are times when death is sudden and it takes all you have to wrap your brain around this and make it through the next few minutes let alone the next few days, months or years. 
  I came upon some words written by Don Miguel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements that has helped me immensely and our hope in sharing them is that it helps you too.
  Also, visit the links below for more information on help in dealing with death, suicide prevention and victims of crime.